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Vivalytic platform

Vivalytic is a universal, fully automated all-in-one platform for molecular diagnostics, developed and manufactured by Bosch Healthcare Solutions. It combines a time-saving fully automated approach with a broad range of diagnostic assays, delivering meaningful and accurate results in a short time.

  • The Vivalytic platform enables healthcare professionals to detect either individual pathogens (single-plex assays) as well as a huge variety of pathogens (high multiplex assays) from a given patient sample, regardless whether its DNA or RNA
  • By combining laborious manual steps on one or even multiple devices into a single fully automated workflow, Vivalytic helps saving time and delivers results much faster
  • A broad range of different sample materials can be processed, for example, tissue, fluids such as blood, urine or cerebrospinal fluid, smears, stool, sputum etc. Vivalytic processes the native sample and purifies nucleic acids fully automatically before the respective analysis
  • Vivalytic supports the most widely used laboratory measurement methods in molecular diagnostics, like e.g. endpoint or real-time PCR, melting curve analysis, low- and high multi-plex arrays etc.
  • For Vivalytic no other peripheral devices such as laptop, keyboard, barcode scanner, filling stations are needed. This makes it a hygienic and space-saving solution
  • Vivalytic is easy to integrate into the existing hospital, laboratory or practice IT infrastructures via standard interfaces. As a result, the test results are directly available to the persons involved in the diagnostic process
  • The closed design and the use of disposable cartridges prevent sample contamination and reduce waste disposal to a minimum 

The universal applicability and the broad application portfolio make Vivalytic a unique all-in-one solution that can be installed in a space-saving manner. Vivalytic can be operated simply and intuitively, which reduces staff training to a minimum. In addition, no cold chain of reagents is required to run the tests with Vivalytic, providing added value in terms of ease of use, speed and laboratory infrastructure.

No, Vivalytic does not require any additional peripherals such as laptop, keyboard, barcode scanner or filling stations.

The Vivalytic platform and the Vivalytic assays are developed to be compliant to CE-IvD regulations.

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